Hydrojetting Sewer Drain Cleaning

The sewer lines play a vital role in the plumbing system, though its function is one homeowners often give little thought to. You will, however, notice that something is wrong with the system when sewage waste backs up. This results in clogging in one or more of your drains.

Depending on the severity of the backup, using a chemical drain cleaner or plumbing snake may not be enough. To completely undo a plugged drain, the best option may be to clean out the pipes using a hydrojet cleaner.
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Prepare for Winter Frozen Pipes

frozen pipeSeattle is known for harsh winters. While some enjoy the cold air, one thing nobody likes for sure is frozen pipes. When water freezes inside a pipe, the frozen water causes it to expand, thus increasing the risk of it rupturing.

Burst pipes can lead to a flood and result in costly damage. With this in mind, it would behoove of homeowners to take the necessary precautions to prevent their pipes from turning into icicles come winter time.
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David Bach Testimonial

David Bach from David Bach and Associates talks about his experience in working with Fischer Sewer on their commercial plumbing projects. Since 1988, David Bach and Associates have been continuous customers with Fischer Sewer by putting their full trust in their experienced technicians to get the job done.

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Sewer Repair

One type of repair that people may often overlook is sewer repair in their home’s piping and plumbing system. When pipes from sewers become clogged with different types of debris and objects including tree or plant roots that have found their way into the piping system, it’s time to take action to repair any damage done to the sewer line.

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John – Condo Board Member

As a condominium board member in Seattle, John was impressed with our ability to keep everyone who lived there happy with their new plumbing repairs in each unit. When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients whether in an individual house or condominium, our Fischer Sewer technicians not only get the job done, but work efficiently and communicate well with our clients.

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