Plumbing Service Area for Fischer Plumbing

Everything about the way we do business is focused on building long-term relationships. From our main location in Seattle Fischer Plumbing can service all of your plumbing needs.

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This map shows all of our locations, encompassing the entire city of Seattle and surrounding area. Click on any of the red phone icons to access our phone number and give us a call! Or, click on a green push pin to see an authentic review from a satisfied customer. We’re all about serving our community, and we’ve sought to elop close relationships with our customers over the years. Come join our community and experience good old-fashioned quality plumbing service for years to come.

You can see our contact details by area here:

Or you can contact us by calling 206-279-3322 or 425-786-0096 or through our Contact Us-page which can be found here.