Video Sewer Inspections: A Look Inside The Lines

Whether you have just moved into a new home or you have been enjoying your current home for over a decade, plumbing issues can be hard to spot and even harder to identify. Often problems with piping occur over time, gradually worsening the functionality of your system in such a way that you barely notice it until the problem has grown significantly.

Although most water systems should be linked to one another in a relatively straightforward way, many have been repaired or moved so many times that they have become a maze of metal and plastic. Identifying exactly which part of a water or sewer system is causing whatever effects you are feeling can seem like shooting in the dark, causing you to tear up a significant amount of your property in search of the source. To avoid fruitlessly damaging your property, Fischer Sewer is able to use a camera and GPS system to pinpoint exactly where your piping is and hopefully identify what is causing the problem.

Confusing Pipe Systems

Especially in areas where growth has been gradual and somewhat haphazard, the water and sewer lines can be connected to one another in confusing ways. Many municipalities may not have up to date records Understanding how they are affecting one another in an effort to solve a problem can sometimes involve tracing out the route of the whole system before finding a subtle issue.

In the past, the only way to manually find the pipes was to dig holes where you thought the piping was or to dig a trench around an identified pipe until you find its ending. Both of these options cause an incredible amount of collateral damage that can be avoided. Fischer Sewer uses fiber optic cable cameras, inserted at any point of the piping, to snake through the piping. It is linked with a GPS locator that can show us the exact location of both the camera and the pipe, telling us where dig when necessary.

A Variety of Causes for Water and Drainage System Problems

Leaks or clogs can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, normal buildup of minerals or metals can lessen the functionality of either your water or drainage system. Other times, children’s toys or other such debris may be causing an acute buildup that can be easily resolved. if you have noticed a slight color to your water, your older pipes may be suffering from corrosion and in need of repair or replacement.

Tree roots, rodents, or insects may have punctured your tubing, again requiring repair or replacement. Worn out piping joints or shifts in the earth can also cause pipes to function improperly.

Video Sewer Inspection

Any of the causes listed above can cause you to have mild to serious issues with your plumbing and water systems. In the past, plumbers would often have to do a significant amount of digging to finally find the source of a plumbing issue when any of these problems was not easily and immediately identifiable, causing you to suffer more damage to your property and spend more time and money worrying about the issue.

Instead, Fischer Sewer can help you pinpoint exactly where your problematic piping lies with a video sewer inspection. We insert a small fiber optic cable camera into almost any entry point of the tubing to trace it throughout and find your problem. If the problem is small enough, we may even be able to unclog it or repair a leak right then and there.

For more significant problems, we may be able to provide a trenchless pipe repair which would essentially replace a hard to reach tube from the inside, requiring practically no damage to surrounding property. Let the experts at Fischer Sewer help you find the least invasive solution to your tricky plumbing problem today.

No matter how serious your plumbing issue may be, Fischer Sewer can provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable plumber to help solve the problem in the most efficient and affordable way available. Check out our customer testimonials to see how how wide variety of services has been able to serve your peers in your community.