Sewer Locating Service: Sewer Scopes Pinpoints the Problem

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with a plumbing problem that does not originate in the home is identifying exactly where the problematic piping is and what will be the least invasive and most economical way to fix it.

In the past, plumbers have had to work with landscapers to tear up property in search of the problem, often unearthing most of the sewer or water system before the specific source of your issue can be concretely identified. For some people, this collateral damage to the property actually ends up costing more money to repair than the actual plumbing problem itself.

For this reason, Fischer Sewer has been using GPS locating services to help pinpoint problematic piping throughout the Seattle area for over thirty-five years. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a lapse in water or drainage services and will respond to your call immediately, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, to provide you with a solution that meets all of your logistical and monetary requirements.

Fischer Sewer Pipe Locating Services

If the community you are living in has kept accurate records of water systems hooked up to every party in the area, repairing a faulty water or sewer pipe should be relatively straightforward and cause little to know collateral damage. When there is no record of where exactly the sewer lines lay underground or, worse, it is an issue that affects multiple properties as once and therefore difficult to manage and pinpoint, more sophisticated pipe locating services are required.

At Fischer Sewer, we pass fiber optic cameras attached to heavy duty cables through any entrance point into the tubing, allowing us to inch our way throughout your entire piping system. In lucky cases, we can see the problem on the camera and, in simple cases, even fix it immediately. In situations where the problem cannot be clearly identified, the camera will still help your plumber locate it on your property thanks to the GPS attached to the camera. In this way, any upheaval of your property will be directly related to solving your plumbing problem.

Non-Invasive Plumbing Solutions Using Locating Services

If a simple blockage is causing you problems, we can use our camera cable to find the debris or buildup and remove it. If the clog cannot be removed in this manner, a replacement or pipe bypass may be necessary. In situations where an underground pipe needs to be mended or replaced, we can locate the exact position of the beginning and endpoints of the pipe to be replaced so that no random digging occurs.

We can conduct trenchless pipe and sewer repairs as well. This special pipe repair and replacement procedure inserts a polyethylene tune into the malfunctioning pipe to push it out of the way and take its place, all the while never requiring the removal of the previous pipe. The experts at Fischer Sewer don’t want you to suffer from unnecessary collateral damage or a water system that constantly causes you to stress. We will work with you to find the non-invasive plumbing solution that disturbs your property the least possible and costs a fair price.

Avoid Community Plumbing Problems

So many neighborhoods have fallen into strive over problems with utilities that affect multiple families that it a common butt of jokes to reference that obnoxious neighbor who never ceases to annoy you one way or another. Hiring a professional like Fischer Sewer to manage problems with shared utilities like community water and sewer systems can help your neighborhood avoid potential conflict over individual obligation and contribution.

Even more, if problems do occur, the damage can be widespread and permanently affect a large area and many properties. When faced with a significant problem in communal water or sewer lines, acting quickly and efficiently is important to avoid additional problems and cost. The experts at Fischer Sewer can help your community work through their plumbing issues in a way that works for everyone.

Don’t damage your property by using old pipe locating techniques that are inaccurate and costly. Fischer Sewer can provide you with a fiber-optic cable camera linked to GPS that can non-invasively locate and possibly identify your plumbing problem.