Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

There are several methods for trenchless pipe repair and relining that enable you to solve even serious plumbing problems without tearing up your property.

Fischer Sewer has been using various trenchless pipe repair techniques for many years, happy to be at the forefront of the industry in our utilization of the most advanced plumbing tools available.

We have been working in the greater Seattle area for over thirty-five years, helping our neighbors, friends, and family find affordable and convenient plumbing solutions.

Because the satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority, we have embraced the usage of trenchless repair techniques like pneumatic pipe bursting that can provide clients with a relatively simple solution which is much cheaper alternative than traditional replacement procedures.

What are the benefits of using trenchless repair techniques?

When the source of a plumbing problem is not in one of the pipes that is immediately accessible in your home or on your property, fixing your problem with traditional plumbing techniques will probably require a significant amount of collateral damage to your property. There can be a variety of complications that make plumbing issue into a real nightmare, from problematic pipes built into the walls or ceiling to malfunctioning waterlines that run under concrete foundations.

Terrain that is particularly tightly packed or heavy can also make excavation difficult. Sometimes, property owners would simply like to expand the flow capacity of their piping but hesitate to do a complete overhaul of the system. All of these issues could most likely be resolved with a trenchless pipe repair that disturbs little of the pipe’s surrounding areas.

With trenchless pipe repair and replacement techniques, none of these complications will require you to dig up your lawn or tear up your walls. Instead, we can repair and even replace most types of problems with a trenchless method that does the job from the inside out, causing very little if any collateral damage. Because you have to worry about a much less involved plumbing procedure, the entire process will cost you less money and take up less of your time than traditional replacement methods.

What are some popular trenchless pipe repair techniques?

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

Pneumatic pipe bursting uses an expanding head to break the existing pipe into tiny pieces that can be absorbed into the surrounding terrain, opening the space for another tube to be pulled through in its place. It allows for a trenchless pipe replacement without having to clear space for more than an entry and an exit point.

Fischer Sewer has been conducting pneumatic pipe bursting procedures for decades, providing our clients with an efficient and affordable solution to mending or replacing hard to reach piping.

Trenchless Pipe Relining

Sometimes, a pipe may have small leaks that have been caused by tree roots, insects, rodents, corrosion, or cracks. These pipes may be mostly functional, causing problems from a relatively small issue that does not affect the entire functionality of the pipe. Especially if you find yourself in this situation with a pipe that is in a hard to reach location, a trenchless pipe relining might be the answer for you.

During a trenchless pipe relining, a resin covered tube is inserted inside the pipe. The tube is slowly inflated, so that the resin completely coats the inside of the tube. After letting the resin sit for a while, you will have repaired your pipe with a new and more durable than ever inner-lining. Call one of the experts at Fischer Sewer to find out if a trenchless pipe relining may solve your plumbing problems.

Why cause unnecessary damage to your property using traditional plumbing techniques to solve your water or drainage system problem when you can use a trenchless pipe repair technique that is both more simple and affordable? Fischer Sewer can help you understand if your problem can be resolved using a trenchless pipe repair technique like pneumatic pipe bursting or trenchless pipe relining. See some of our customer testimonials to find out how our trenchless repair techniques have helped others in the Seattle community.