Sewer Repair that You Can Count on in Renton, WA

There is little worse than planning a big event and inviting over all of your loved ones, just to find that your plumbing system has decided to act up completely unexpectedly. Although even a minor plumbing issue can throw a wrench in your plans when popping up without any warning, some forward planning on your part can avoid the worst of plumbing disasters. Fischer Sewer has been helping their clients prevent and resolve both minor and serious plumbing problems and sewer repair issues in the Renton, WA area for over thirty years. We have dedicated ourselves to being experts in our field and, most importantly, always putting the concerns and needs of our customers first.

What sets Fischer Sewer apart from many of its competitors is the emphasis we place on customer service and the intimate understanding we have of our clientele. After working throughout Seattle for decades, we understand well what types of plumbing systems are found in this region, the common problems often affecting these systems, and the best, most efficient and affordable ways to resolve these issues as quickly as possible to get you back to your special event and daily routine.

Maintenance, Repair, Installation

Sewer repair in Renton, WA can take many forms, depending on the specific cause for your problems. Often times, normal buildup in older systems simply needs to be cleared out to restore normal functionality to your entire plumbing system. Sometimes, erosion slowly weakens the pipes over the decades, ultimately requiring a pipe repair or replacement. When newer sewer systems are showing signs of a problem, it could be because of a more specific blockage or even damage to the pipes themselves due to environmental factors or weather-related accidents. Whatever may be causing your problem, Fischer Sewer will work quickly to find an immediate solution to your issue to restore functionality immediately in addition to a more long-term repair that can prevent further issues in the future.

Fischer Sewer uses innovative plumbing procedures and high quality equipment to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality sewer repair services possible. We take advantage of fiberoptic cameras and GPS locating devices to find difficult to pinpoint leaks or problematic areas in your pipes without causing unnecessary collateral damage. For drain cleaning in Renton, WA, we also use high quality equipment that are highly effective and should prevent further buildup for years to come.

No matter what plumbing and sewer repair services you are considering, Fischer Sewer is the top choice in Renton, WA. You don’t have to just take our word for it either. Check out our customer testimonials to see why so many of your peers have stayed by our side over the years. We’d love to hear from you too – feel free to send us an email or give us a call for a completely hassle-free consultation and estimate.