Emergency Sewer Repair Services:

Consider Any Sewer Problem An Emergency!
First things first. Calm down. You are in the right place.

  • Is water backing up into your toilet or bathtub?
  • Is your sewer backing up?
  • Is water collecting in your yard?

Don’t delay. Call Fischer Sewer now

Call now and a technician will on your site as soon as possible to assess your situation and provide you with the best solutions – economically and logistically.

Sewer problems do not get better— they get worse!

Nothing is as traumatic as an out-of-control sewer malfunction! You do not want to ignore this. Uncontained wastewater is a dangerous health threat to you and those around you. It needs to be remedied immediately!

When You Want It Done Right Call Fischer Sewer First

Fischer Sewer is the sewer repair and restoration expert for the Greater Seattle area. We have 40 years of experience dealing with the sewer and plumbing issues typical of Seattle neighborhoods and we’ve got your back! We know the neighborhoods, we know the houses and we know the people

It If Looks Bad – It Is Bad

Any plumbing problem needs to be fixed quickly, but sewer system issues must be a priority!

  • Is foul-smelling water collecting in your yard?
  • Are your drains and toilets backing up?

‘Yes’ to any of these questions means you have a serious problem that can impact the health of the people around you – as well as your wallet!