Sewer Repair in Newport Hills, WA

Although it may not have been your first thought when moving into your new home in Newport Hills, WA, having a dependable and affordable plumber that you are comfortable working with can be a priceless asset. Even if you have owned your home for years, making sure you have the phone number of a trustworthy and high quality plumber can be the difference between a costly disaster and a quick inconvenience. Fischer Sewer has been providing professional plumbing and sewer repair services throughout the Seattle area for over thirty years, proud to work with much of the same clientele now as in the beginning thanks to our high standards for customer service and our assurance that we will get your plumbing job done properly and efficiently.

Not only has Fischer Sewer been one of the premiere plumbing companies in Newport Hills, WA, for decades, we have stayed at the cutting edge of plumbing technology so that we can always offer our customers the best, most innovative services available today. We guarantee that we will work closely with you, from the moment you give us a call or send us an email, to find the perfect plumbing solution for you that solves your sewer repair problem at a price and within a time frame that works for you. We can be available to help you with any plumbing issue day or night, seven days a week.

Sewage Blockage & Drain Cleaning

Identifying a plumbing issue may not always be as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you may notice a bad smell coming from your drains, leaky pipes, pooling water, or flooded drains. Any of these things can be a sign of either a minor issue or a more serious problem, making it important to consult with a qualified plumber like those at Fischer Sewer before beginning any repair work. Fischer Sewer also offers many other services, including heating system repair and drain cleaning in Newport Hills, WA.

Depending on the problem, Fischer Sewer can use several strategies to quickly resolve the issue in the short-term, and if necessary, continue working so that the problem is sure not to resurface later on. Many minor issues can be fixed within one visit, while those concerning sewer repair in Newport Hills, WA, may take longer. We offer several options, like trenchless sewer repair and shared-side repair, that can fix damaged pipes underground without tearing up your land or causing any unnecessary damage to your property.

We would be happy to offer you a free estimate on whatever plumbing services you are considering, either over the phone or through email. Also don’t forget to check out our customer testimonials to get an idea of just how satisfied our clients are when choosing Fischer Sewer as their plumbing team.