Hydrojetting Sewer Drain Cleaning


The sewer lines play a vital role in the plumbing system, though its function is one homeowners often give little thought to. You will, however, notice that something is wrong with the system when sewage waste backs up. This results in clogging in one or more of your drains.

Depending on the severity of the backup, using a chemical drain cleaner or plumbing snake may not be enough. To completely undo a plugged drain, the best option may be to clean out the pipes using a hydrojet cleaner.

hydrojet drain cleaning tool

What Is Hydrojet Drain Cleaning?

In simple terms, hydrojetting is basically a way of cleaning a drain using highly pressurized water. Unlike snaking or other DIY methods, hydrojetting requires heavier equipment and is usually performed by a professional.

It is also typically the only effective method for facilities like restaurants where the sewage lines are subject to heavy waste disposal.

How It Works

A hydrojet spray sends a heavy blast of pressurized water that is powerful enough to remove grease, dirt, and other sediments without damaging the surface. The method is also usually used for cleaning sidewalks, vehicles, boats hulls, and decks. The amount of pressure from the spray varies, and the typical model produces anywhere between 1,500 to 4,000 pounds per minute. Some of the more powerful systems, though, can produce up to 35,000 pounds.

Most models come with a hydro-head sized to the diameter of the pipes and connected to a thin water line that’s threaded into the sewer line. The head is fitted with several nozzles that deliver a knife-like force of water stream in multiple directions that cut through obstructions and liquefy sludge. Before deploying the hydrojet, the technician will usually send a camera down the sewer line to detect any major sources of blockage and grease accumulation.

hydrojet drain cleaning

While hydrojet systems are sold in hardware stores, drain clearing or any other cleaning that requires hydrojetting is best left to a technician. Due to the highly pressurized spray, the system can be dangerous if not handled with caution. It can also damage surfaces if the wrong amount of pressure is used.

Why Choose HydroJetting?

Hydrojet drain cleaning holds some clear advantages over other conventional methods. Consider some of these benefits the next time you’re faced with a plugged drain:

  • It clears even the most stubborn obstructions. The intense force is enough to break apart even the most adamant blockages, including those that a typical plumbing snake may have trouble removing.
  • Unlike chemical cleaners, hydrojetting won’t cause long-term damage to the surface provided that the right pressure is used.
  • Different nozzle attachments allow users to blast away at even the smallest deposits clinging to the surface from every area of the drainpipe.
  • Hydrojetting helps prevent future problems from occurring. The spray produces a scalding effect that scrubs and wipes away at the surface. This cleans the walls and makes it harder for debris to accumulate along the surface.

Removing Roots

Roots making its way and growing inside pipelines is one of the biggest plumbing headaches homeowners have to deal with. Roots can grow into the deepest parts of the pipe where a typical mechanical snake is unable to reach.

With Hydrojetting, if you utilize a high enough pressure, the stream will be able to remove most roots, even those from full-grown trees.

Contacting a Professional Drain Cleaner

Hydrojet drain cleaning is a versatile method with the ability to remove grease and mineral buildup from the interior lining of any sewer line.

The process, though, is not a home remedy, so bring in an expert instead of making a DIY attempt that may cause more harm than good to your pipes.